more questions that aren't typical
  • 1. What food would you starve without?
  • 2. What do you have that is of great value to you but of no value to anyone else?
  • 3. If you could ask God a question what would it be?
  • 4. Have you ever won a trophy?
  • 5. When was the last time you said "I am glad I do not have that job"?
  • 6. Do you believe in fate? Why?
  • 7. What would be the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
  • 8. If you could be a professional athlete what sport would you play?
  • 9. What nickname do you have?
  • 10. What magazine do you look for when you are stuck in the waiting room?
  • 11. What is your favorite way to get exercise?
  • 12. What is the biggest obstacle preventing you from starting your own business?
  • 13. What restaurant do you go to more than any other?
  • 14. What charity do you support?
  • 15. What is your favorite thing about spring?
  • 16. Where do you believe you where before you were born?
  • 17. When was the last time you really laughed?
  • 18. What major company would you like to work for?
  • 19. What word do you have trouble saying?
  • 20. What is your favorite song from a Broadway musical?
  • 21. What is the most dramatic view you have seen?
  • 22. What is the prettiest place you have been?
  • 23. What sports team do you love to see lose?
  • 24. Would you ever live in New York City? Why?
  • 25. What time do you wake up in the morning?
  • 26. What musical instrument do you play?
  • 27. What meal was your mother’s best?
  • 28. Who is there in your life that you would take a bullet for?
  • 29. What goals do you have for your children?
  • 30. What color underwear do you think the person to your right is wearing?
  • 31. What is your dream car?
  • 32. What in your life do you "do by the numbers"?
  • 33. What story from history inspires you?
  • 34. What book inspires you?
  • 35. What movie inspires you?
  • 36. What story from sports inspires you?
  • 37. What holiday makes you sad?
  • 38. When was the last time you cried?
  • 39. When was the last time you said ""You Don't Understand! ""?
  • 40. What band would you camp out all night to get tickets to see?
  • 41. What is the closest you have been to a lighting strike?
  • 42. What is the closest you have been to a natural disaster?
  • 43. Have you ever gotten up early for a "black Friday sale"?
  • 44. What is the largest crowd you have ever been in?
  • 45. What is the scariest crowd you have ever been in?
  • 46. What is the story behind one of your scars?
  • 47. What secrets do you have for getting better service?
  • 48. If you were an artist what medium would you work in?
  • 49. What was the last national park you visited?
  • 50. What national park would you like to go to?
  • 51. What is more important than a good night's sleep
  • 52. Where does a good night's sleep rank on your priorities?
  • 53. What do you dislike most about modern life?
  • 54. Would you be willing to live "off the grid"?
  • 55. How many passwords do you have memorized?
  • 56. How many phone numbers do you have committed to memory?
  • 57. How do you manage stress?
  • 58. What is the biggest snowstorm you can remember?
  • 59. When was the worst storm you were ever in?
  • 60. What summer camps did you go to as a child?
  • 61. In what ways are you a nerd?
  • 62. How do you think the world will end?
  • 63. What is the worst book you ever had to read?
  • 64. Would you ever want to live in London?
  • 65. If you were going to go into business for yourself what would you do?
  • 66. When was the last time you witnesses "professional courtesy"?
  • 67. What bugs you most about air travel?
  • 68. Do you believe there are any Ethics left in business?
  • 69. If you had access to a life coach what would you want to work on?
  • 70. Is there any job you would want to work for 50 years?
  • 71. Would you use pirated software?
  • 72. Would you download pirated music?
  • 73. What in today's society do you feel should be free but is not?
  • 74. What do you think are the characteristics that make a good parent?
  • 75. What do you think are the characteristics that make a good friend?
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Big white is a sweet place. I need to go snowboarding again soon and just forget everything.

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I’m really over no being good enough for anyone. Can I just be someone’s first choice ever?

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B.C. Bound in 6 days! 

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Snowboarding in Mount Tremblant a few weeks ago with my muffin and a few friends. I want to go back!!!

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